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  JSC "Ruchaika" 


                JSC "Ruchaika"  is a modern, developing company, which is part of the concern "Bellegprom" and for 39 years carrying out their activities in the territory of Republic of Belarus.

JSC "Ruchaika" was founded in 1980. Initially, the factory was engaged in the production of blended yarns processed by ring spinning method, technical and decorative fabrics.

In 2007  the modernization was launched at the factory and its first step was the purchase of modern weaving and spinning equipment made by «SmitTextile»  (Italy).

In 2010 following the modernization,  the new equipment made by «ISOTEX» Italy, was put into operation, which allowed to produce textile fabrics impregnated PVC composition. The ability to produce textile  base for any PVC material densities, widths and weaves allows to develop a wide range of products. PVC coating lines from ISOTEX company are advanced, as well as in terms of technology, the quality of the finished material coated with PVC, and in terms of reliability and technical performance.

The product portfolio of the company includes technical, decorative fabrics, geotextiles, yarns, fabrics impregnated PVC composition.

At present JSC "Ruchaika" - the only one in Republic of Belarus and one of the largest in CIS producer of innovative products such as banner and awning materials, materials for mine ventilation, roofing membranes, the material for waterproofing.

More than 70% products are exported to the CIS countries and abroad.

Years of experience, qualified personnel, efficient use of processing equipment, cooperation with domestic and foreign business partners - all this allows us today to produce a wide range of high quality textile and technical materials. Our quality policy aims to meet all the requirements and expectations of the consumer.

The high level of organization of material’s production is confirmed by a certificate of conformity of quality management system ISO 9001-2009 TB

JSC "Ruchaika"  won the Republican professional contest "Best Building Product of the Year ". In 2015, as a result of the conclusion of the expert council awning and roofing material manufactured by JSC "Ruchaika"  won the contest in the nomination" The best building material (product) of the year. "

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We are interested in expanding the market outside the Republic of Belarus, practicing various forms of business cooperation and always ready to discuss mutually interesting offers from new business partners and potential customers.