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Kobrin Spinning and Weaving Mill "Ruchaika" PLC

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"Kobrin spinning and weaving mill "Ruchaika" OJSC has established itself as a manufacturer of high - quality tent material.


April 21-22, a training seminar for welding of polymer technical fabrics was held at the training center Olmaks (Moscow). 

Organizers of the seminar were representative LEISTER (Leister, Switzerland) and MILLER WeldmasterCorp. (Miller Weldmaster, USA) in Russia, and accredited training center Olmaks.

The seminar program included theoretical and practical parts.

During the theoretical part participants got to know about various technical fabrics, presentations of awning material manufactured by "Kobrin spinning and weaving mill "Ruchaika" OJSC and PVC materials of the Russian manufacturer "Ivanovoiskozh" JSC were held.


At the end of the theoretical part the presentations of the Italian awning accessories Arteca, as well as the Swiss digital cutting systems ZundSystemtechnik AG were held.

The practical part was aimed at obtaining skills for welding of polymer materials using equipment of leading world manufacturers - companies LEISTER (Leister, Switzerland) and MILLERWeldmasterCorp. (Veldmaster Miller, United States). During the welding process awning materials produced by "Kobrin  spinning and weaving mill "Ruchaika" OJSC and "Ivanovoiskozh" JSC were used.

новый коллаж2.jpg

The visitors of the theoretical and practical training admitted, that quality of awning material produced by "Kobrin spinning and weaving mill "Ruchaika" OJSC has increased significantly:

• noted the improvement of the weldability of materials;

• significantly increased  color and density ranges;

• the product line includes frost-resistant and fire-resistant awning materials;

• noted the improvement of physical and mechanical properties.

Provided for welding awning materials produced by "Kobrin spinning and weaving mill "Ruchaika"OJSC MT1-650 (black) MT1-630 (light green), MTP2-900 (white), MT1-600 (blue), MT1-650 (orange) received high marks from the visitors.

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