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Kobrin Spinning and Weaving Mill "Ruchaika" PLC

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"Kobrin spinning and weaving mill "Ruchaika" PLC plans to expand production of the finished product


Currently, the production of products made of awning fabrics on individual orders is a small area where two people work. The plans of the enterprise are to expand the range of produced automobile awnings, curtains, banners, small architectural forms (commercial tents, canopies). Now the factory is released from unused equipment at the workshops. At the first stage, area of the new production will be 1900 square meters. Subsequently, it will reach 3.3 thousand square meters.
Implementation of the project is planned at their own expense. According to estimates, only on construction work will need more than Br100 000. The chief engineer explained, such facilities require careful consideration at the project level. Floors are very important in this production... They need to be large and smooth in order to lay awning materials on them. Process is already running… Business Plan is ready… Probably, by the end of 2017 the new plant will begin to work.
The new production will work at full capacity in 2018. At the same moment the volume of production of finished products made of PVC materials is expected to grow by 2.5 times. Now the materials with PVC compounds are 66% in the total volume of output "Ruchaika".
The main purpose of the investment will be the manufacture of products with higher added value, aimed at import substitution and the introduction of new technologies.


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